Christmas Eve Talk 2021

Livestream Event on Dec 24th:

A Christmas Talk by Laurance R. Doyle, PhD.

On Christmas Eve, Laurance Doyle, PhD, will take us on a Christmas journey like no other. Laurance will help us think outside the box as we explore why Christmas can be viewed not only as the birth of one man but as a rebirth for everyone and what the Bethlehem Star is all about. 

Please join us Christmas Eve, Friday, December, 24th at  The program will begin at 7:30 PM Eastern Time, join us early for festive Christmas music.  We will provide live simultaneous Spanish translation for Spanish speakers. Watch for Christmas Eve updates on our website.

Although the talk is sponsored by Third Church of Christ, Scientist in New York City, this year it will come to you from Laurance Doyle’s home in Bodega Bay, California.

You can view the video online at

Christmas Eve Program:

7:20 pm — For Early Arrivals

Festive Christmas music.

7:30 pm EST: Laurance Doyle’s Talk begins

The talk starts with the brief introduction and a Christmas carol, “Born is the Light of the World” sung by Josh Henn. Immediately following the talk Josh Henn will sing , “O Holy Night”.

Right after the talk a Zoom Q & A with Laurance Doyle

Join Laurance for a live Q&A after the talk. Please submit your questions in the chat-box. Laurance will answer as many questions as time allows:

View a replay of the Q&A on our website:

In English and Spanish

We will provide a live simultaneous Spanish translation for Spanish speakers.

Video Replay

This Christmas Eve event will be available to view, share and enjoy immediately after the program.

About Laurance R. Doyle, PhD.

Dr. Doyle  worked  as  an  engineer with  the Voyager spacecrafts in  the Space  Image  Processing  Group at the NASA  Jet  Propulsion  Laboratory.  He later received his PhD  from  the University  of  Heidelberg  in Germany. Since then  he  has  been  a Principal  Investigator  with  the  SETI Institute  in  Mountain  View, California  where  his  main  projects have  been  the  photometric detection of  extrasolar planets,  and  the application  of  information  theory  to animal  communications.   He  has taught  quantum  physics, thermodynamics,  introductory astronomy,  history  of  science  and Native  American  history at  Principia College  in  Illinois.  He  was  the Director  of  the  Institute  for  the Metaphysics  of Physics  at  Principia College  from  2014  to  2019.  He  is currently  working  at  the  SETI Institute  deriving  “intelligence” filters  for  the  search  for extraterrestrial  intelligence  using information  theory  applied  to humpback  whales  vocalizations.  He is  also  working  on starting  a  new field  —  quantum  astronomy  —  to experimentally  investigate  the unification  of  quantum  physics  with general  relativity,  and  illustrate  the metaphysical nature  of  reality unfolding  in  the  natural  science community.  He  was  on  the Christian Science  Board  of  Lectureship  for over  a  decade  and  has been  a contributing  editor  for  the  Christian Science  Sentinel, Journal, and  Monitor.  He  has  addressed  22 Christian  Science Associations  in  the US,  Europe,  and  Asia.  He  also  often joins  members  of  the  Christian Science  Board  of  Lectureship  in joint  talks  on  topics  of  current interest. 

About Josh Henn

Josh is a crossover artist with range and control that offers a rich foundation and supports a glorious ascension into his upper register. Clear and refreshing, Josh’s voice is also commanding and moving as it climbs to the pinnacle of a piece. Anyone listening to his music becomes an instant fan. In 2019 Josh signed his first recording artist contract. He currently has six albums available and is continuously working on projects for future releases. Josh loves his studio work, but he also performs live regularly. He has toured both nationally and throughout Europe.

Josh’s first Christmas album is a wonderful compilation that highlights the true meaning of Christmas. From classics like O Holy Night and an incredible version of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel to inspiring original compositions by Sally DeFord and Rebecca Minor, this collection pays homage to the Christ that is in Christmas.

About the Music

Born is the Light of the World – written by Sally DeFord
O Holy Night – Words by John S. Dwight, music by Adolphe Adam, both performed by Josh Henn

Copyright Hal Leonard Corporation

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