1. Alison
    Alison at

    I tried to register ahead of time for your Christmas Eve talk, but all I saw was a yet-to-be-activated replay button. So tonight I went looking for the button, and it’s gone. Very confusing. Any chance to access it after-the-fact?

  2. Claude Hopkins
    Claude Hopkins at

    What a wonderful invitation to join your branch!

  3. Uta Kuehnast
    Uta Kuehnast at

    Yes, what a loving idea to invite those dear friends who live too far away and yet want to join a church. With God (Love) everything is possible.
    Expressing Love is Christmas, the coming of the Christ!

  4. Jonathan jenkins
    Jonathan jenkins at

    Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
    In between dropping off gifts to friends I started listening to
    Your program. It’s 25 miles to the market, so enjoying your Program on the way home, I Also Photographed two doves high up on a tree well lit by the rosy Sunset casting. I felt this was a special preparation to receive the beauty and grace of your Anual Christmas Eve musical
    Presentation and talk given by Nathan Fredrick.

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