About Christian Science

Christian Science is the explanation of God’s laws, or the Science of Christianity. It’s a way of thinking and living where you can ask the big questions in life and find comprehensive answers. It’s also a daily practice in which thousands of lessons – both small and large – are learned. Most importantly, Christian Science is more than a religion; it is a practical science.These true stories are examples of the power of Christian Science lived and practiced by everyday people:

Cancer Healed

Heaven Bound BlogA man’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. After accepting a ride from a kind stranger, he learned the truth in Christian Science, that God’s spiritual child could never be sick. Through study of the Christian Science textbook and Christian Science treatment his wife’s condition improved. Weeks later the doctors were unable to find any cancer in the man’s wife.

Money Trouble Healed

money troubleA college professor, struggling to keep up with her mortgage payments starts falling behind with her bills. At first, it seems like only a miracle can lift her out of this financial rut. After attending a church meeting, her thought takes on new inspiration. As a result, unexpected opportunities open that help her get back on top.

Companionship Found

David BatesA young man is certain that in his four-year college career, he is bound to find the woman he will spend the rest of his life with. When this scenario doesn’t play out as planned, he turns to a higher source of love – God – to see where his companionship really comes from. It isn’t long before God put his soul’s desire into his life. This came at just the right time.

Jesus of Nazareth changed the way that countless people think about God. He told us that God is Love, and he demonstrated this in his time on earth. Almost two thousand years after Jesus’ time, a New England woman struggling with her health turned to the Bible. She needed to hear the stories of Jesus’ healing works for help. What she learned about God and man caused her to have an instantaneous healing that lifted her from what doctors thought was her death bed. This woman was named Mary Baker Eddy, and she went on to write a book documenting her discovery which explained a new method of scientific prayer. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Eddy wrote about a new concept of God as nothing but good. She explained that man is a reflection of God, and therefore is sinless and eternal.

Please join us as we grow, learn, and demonstrate together what Christian Science is and how we can live it in rich, fulfilling lives. Feel free to drop us a question on our Contact page!

Science and Health with Key to the ScripturesMary Baker Eddy wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures to give to the world the practical system of Christian healing she discovered in the Bible. Her book explains how you, too, can rely on the laws of God in healing yourself and others. Read this book. This is a must-read for any spiritual seeker. Read this book and revolutionize your life! Head to christiancience.com to read the book online!