Bible Study with Madelon Maupin

You’re invited to a Bible Study on Sunday, October 15, at 5pm. Madelon Maupin will lead a study on the New Testament’s last book, Revelation, entitled, “Unpacking Revelation’s Heavenly Symbols.”

As one of only two apocalyptic books in the Bible, the New Testament’s final book has long puzzled readers. What do its other-worldly images mean and how do I apply them to my life today — or do I even try? This talk is meant to take away some of the mystery of this late first-century text by looking at its structure, themes, historical context, and symbolism. We will look at the language of the seals, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, heavenly battles, the Son of Man, and more, all in an effort to understand how it was truly meant to be an unveiling of a glimpse of reality. We’ll also examine its relationship to the Bible’s first book, Genesis, as well as some of the ways it has been interpreted through the centuries. Please join us and bring your Bibles, your questions, and your spiritual discernment.

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Although Madelon Maupin’s academic background includes both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biblical Studies, it is probably her 35 + years in business with a strong emphasis on written and verbal communication that prompts the remark, ‘she makes the Bible come alive’.

Combining these in talks and workbooks on Biblical topics has been Madelon’s joy since focusing full time on Madelon’s approach unpacks the history, politics, geography, customs and culture of Biblical periods and books to help participants acquire their own spiritual answers with greater clarity.

Madelon graduated from San Francisco Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theological Studies, from Principia College with a BA in Biblical Studies, has lectured for Princess Cruises on trips to Biblical lands, occasionally leads trips to the Middle East, and has written over 70 articles on spirituality. She served on the Board of Trustees for Adventure Unlimited as well as a member of the national ecumenical team of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston. Madelon has traveled worldwide sharing her love of the Bible through talks to churches and organizations since 2012.

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Contributions are welcome!


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    Do we have to register in advance, please?
    2 or 3 of us would like to go but are sure if we can get there in time.
    Can we just show up if we are able to get there in time?

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