1. willi yaen
    willi yaen at

    i can excapt the words of God because he is acraeter

  2. Raviteja.undavalli
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    Being a part of the Nanak Naam lewa sangat as a SIKH I love all religions… So Very Happy CHRISTMAS to all… The Jesus blessed u with more happiness healthy and wealthy life ahead…. HALAH LOOIYA… ❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Jackson
    Jackson at

    Happ to come through this website
    I Love my Lord Jesus

  5. mitiku
    mitiku at

    Verwell so I like join withe yours

  6. Basavraj Malikarjun Kalyani
    Basavraj Malikarjun Kalyani at

    I like Christmas in day

  7. Laura BonneCarrere
    Laura BonneCarrere at

    Thank you for this Christmas Eve program. I I I plan to tune in. Laura BonneCarrere

  8. Dorothy Emerson
    Dorothy Emerson at

    Greetings! I am unable to access this event online or by phone. Is there something I need to do to take part? Thank you!

  9. Good to know that you care it’s a great deal

  10. Diana Palenz
    Diana Palenz at

    Thank you for great music and for Nate’s inspiration! Thanks also to those who planned and arranged the musical part.

  11. dawn corley
    dawn corley at

    is this program available another time?

  12. Prem Singh
    Prem Singh at

    Thank you for this very inspiring seminar. It filled my Christmas Day with great joy. Much gratitude, Prem

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