1. Dear friends,
    I just made a contribution to you church, truly in the spirit of supporting all of the New York City churches that participate in an annual Christmas Eve program. I have only just year learned of this tradition, so this was my first opportunity to attend (albeit remotely, from my home near New Orleans). I’m immeasurably grateful for this outreach. Christmas eve is a special time. In years past my family has joined other friends to attend Xmas eve services of other denominations (due to the absence of a sufficiently uplifting alternative). Your music and lecture program this (and each) Dec. 24 genuinely meets a need. I look forward to enjoying, and sharing, Christmas Eve with New York for the forseeable future! With Gratitude,
    – Peter and Kristin Weaver, and the Branch Churches of the State of Louisiana

  2. Love your outreach to the world!

  3. Carrs Riley
    Carrs Riley at

    Such an amazing gift you are sharing with the world! We have watched o. Our big s teen TV with family and friends since 2014.

    We can all help by sharing the link on social media and personal emails. ❤️

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