1. nakuru lotiyan
    nakuru lotiyan August 10, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Am not clear about question till now. I read but i got confused of the answer and if there is an understandable answer,please am here ready to accompany you people on these all….what i expect you is just the clear reply of that question..thanks

  2. Annette Keith
    Annette Keith November 13, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Possibly the biggest surprise when new people or individuals give MBE writings a chance, perhaps to help adjusting to perplexities of their lives??? I found that over the years, facing limitations and unhappiness that crop up in daily life, sometimes giving us break while we are at home, then waking up to the clock and returning to the place where a grievance is facing us. When teaching this was often daily, sometimes a new student, another parent with a need to look into a child’s learning or problem in getting along, something always tended to come up. I felt overwhelmed often, and wishing I could find other employment. The position of teaching in a inner city with changing populace and money funding for the classroom materials , where to find a place for a moment’s peace. I remember to look back and find a verse in the Bible that aided me in the moment, often task of teaching was more than difficult, and aggressive behaviors made the routine harder with threats of life. Must say, without CS and the lessons taught in the Sunday School, wounded I would have been, and the cares leaving me unhappy, but each day the support of the 91st Psalm and Page 1 from the CS Textbook helped understand a way out of a problem to sort the answers and look to a solution. That is how CS and the Bible had been taught to me. atk

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