Livestream Event:

Resilient Faith

& God’s Embrace During Crisis

A Good Friday Talk by Dr. Barry Huff

Dear Friends,

This Good Friday talk will inspire your resilience through our world’s current crises by featuring biblical texts written during crises and biblical characters who overcame crises. Out of the ashes of exile, Second Isaiah proclaimed God’s comforting embrace. In moments of anguish, Hagar and Mary Magdalene glimpsed the divine. In the midst of suffering, Job and Jesus modeled resilient faith. Through the lens of lament psalms, the Gospels depict Jesus’s crucifixion. During this pandemic, we persevere with Christ through our crises and crosses. While we practice social distancing, nothing can distance us “from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:39 NRSV). For a hungering world, we obey the command of our risen Lord, “Feed my sheep” (John 21:17 NRSV). As we celebrate that “He is risen” (Mark 16:6), we too rise with Christ through resilient “faith in the power of God” (Colossians 2:12 CEB). This Easter, may Jesus’s resurrection inspire our resurrection of faith!

Dr. Barry Huff will give a talk on Good Friday, April 2, at 7:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time entitled “Resilient Faith and God’s Embrace During Crisis.”

You can watch either in English or Spanish online at ThirdChurchNYC.com or listen in English via conference phone call; see our website at ThirdChurchNYC.com for details. We have included invitations to share with your friends or post on bulletin boards. English:+1 646 558 8656 Meeting ID: 771 037 297

For more information, contact us at 212-838-1870. We hope you can join us, bring your own chocolate bunnies!

Here’s a little preview, or Invitation from Barry! Enjoy, and get ready for an amazing evening!

Good Friday Program:

7:19 pm EDT — For Early Arrivals

The talk starts with the performance of, “It’s All About Love” & “Lord of the Dance” by Lily Oyer.

7:30 pm EDT: Barry Huff Talk begins

In English and Spanish

We will provide a live simultaneous Spanish translation for Spanish speakers.

Video Replay

This Good Friday event will be available to you after Good Friday to view, share and enjoy. We are excited to be able to keep it ready for viewing any time 24/7 after the event.

About Dr. Barry Huff

Dr. Barry R. Huff is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Chair of the Religious Studies Department at Principia College, where the student body twice selected him as Principia College’s Teacher of the Year. Huff’s dissertation and recent publications focus on the book of Job. He has lectured extensively on biblical studies across the United States and internationally, and he is a coeditor of Seeking Wisdom’s Depths and Torah’s Heights: Essays in Honor of Samuel E. Balentine (Smyth & Helwys, 2020). Huff graduated with master’s degrees from Eden Theological Seminary and Columbia Theological Seminary and with a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Union Presbyterian Seminary.

About Lily Oyer

Lily Oyer has been singing since the young age of nine when she began soloing in Christian Science churches around the country. In 2010 she released an inspirational album ‘Up to Thee’ with her pianist mother, Laurie Bay Oyer. In 2016, Lily released a short album of pop singer/songwriter originals ‘The One’, as well as her debut, hit single ‘Silhouette’. She fell in love with performing at local open mics which lead to several musical collaborations and performing gigs around St. Louis, her hometown. In more recent years Lily has continued to release her own original pop music on music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and GooglePlay.She received her B.A. from Principia College in 2020 where she studied communications, sociology, and was a member of the a capella group and theatre productions, her favorite being ‘Godspell’. 
Lily now resides in Denver Colorado where she works as the Donor Relations Officer for Adventure Unlimited. 

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