1. Karen Rynearson
    Karen Rynearson at

    Thank you so much for a wonderful lecture. I plan on listening a second time now. So many points I want to get grounded and rooted in my thought!

  2. Judy
    Judy at

    Had to respond with a big thank you!! I received this from the clerk of the Melbourne, FL church. Thank you for sharing with so many! It will bless many!

  3. kaye patterson
    kaye patterson at

    Wonderful! great gift.

  4. Barbara Ashton Bennett
    Barbara Ashton Bennett at

    Thank you for this EXCELLENT lecture and the all the devotion, healing and wisdom that Christine expresses What a wonderful example she is. Christine makes me realize there is sooooo much more we are able to do for our church.

  5. Simon D
    Simon D at

    Christine thankyou for putting this talk online. I found it inspirational. You are also a gift! Thankyou so much.

  6. Christine, thank you for this lecture and for all the selfless work you do bringing the Christ message to so many.

  7. Shirley
    Shirley at

    Thanks for keeping this lecture by Christine Driessen available on your church’s web site for more than a year. I saw the announcement about the lecture for this year and was looking for directions to sign-on this year and found her lecture. I especially appreciated Christine’s comment that as we each do more healing and the public witnesses the effectiveness of Christian Science treatment and healing, then won’t ask questions about mandatory Affordable Health Care insurance and premiums.

    1. Third Church
      Third Church at

      Thank you for your thoughts, Shirley. We are glad to keep past lectures up, and hope to continue that practice as we go forward. Happy, Joyous Christmas!

  8. A Friend
    A Friend at

    “Mind your own business”! Did I ever need that
    Thanks so much.
    A Blessed Christmas

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