News of Healing

by Third Church Member Amy Richmond

I really didn’t want to go into the city that night. It was a rainy Monday and I had a lot of work to catch up on.  On top of that one of my cats had been having respiratory problems.  It started off as a cold and had gotten progressively worse. Should I stay home with Poptart or go to the talk as planned?

The talk was a Christian Science lecture that my church was hosting.  I’d been to a lot of lectures before and I’d learned much.  I’d learned things that changed my life for the better.  I decided to go. 

Right when I got to the event, even just as people were getting settled, I felt a sense of happiness that I realized I hadn’t felt for a long time.  I wouldn’t have said I was depressed, but now I can see that in fact, I was suffering from a low level of depression since my dad had died 2 and 1/2 years before.  It wasn’t debilitating, and it wasn’t preventing me from going about my daily life, but even so, I wasn’t experiencing a regular sense of joy. But now the dark cloud was gone and I felt amazing.

The speaker was dynamic.  She was thoughtful and funny, and yes, I now thought about some things in new ways.  And I was about to find out just how much that changed my life.

When I got home from the lecture, Poptart was noticeably more comfortable and she was completely healed by morning.  At the same time, she was healed of a cataract in one of her eyes. Her eye is all clear now.  I look at her and feel a sense of awe and inspiration.  She’s proof positive that healing is not only possible, it’s achievable.

About 2 weeks before the lecture, my daughter pointed out a patch of dry skin on my shoulder.  When I looked at it in the mirror, I felt a sense of panic because it wasn’t dry skin but some kind of growth.  The morning after the lecture, the skin started to come off in a natural way and within a day or two was completely back to normal.  

I went to the lecture with no expectations beyond getting a little inspiration.  I’m raising my expectations from now on.

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