Testimony Meeting 2/3

02.03.16 Fortune

What’s so appealing about fortune cookies?  Something tells me it’s not the cookie itself, but what’s inside.  We all have a desire to know the future, if we are headed for fortune or misfortune.  Sometimes our luck feels as random as getting a message from a cookie, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Jesus and his disciples once found themselves in the middle of a fierce storm while crossing a lake.  Most would see this as terrible misfortune, but Jesus saw it differently.  Instead of waiting to see what was going to happen, Jesus began speaking to the wind and the waves saying “Silence! Be still!”  Out of nowhere the storm stopped and all was calm.

Was this just dumb luck or was something else going on that allowed Jesus to assert control in a situation which would otherwise seem beyond our control?  Jesus had faith that regardless what material circumstances he found himself in, his fortune was always governed by God.  Since God is only good, he knew that in reality his fortune could only be good.  If a material condition was presenting itself as inharmonious, he knew he had the authority from God to command it to stop.  Jesus proved this for himself, and in doing so he proved it for all of us.  Therefore we can take control of our fortune in this same way by claiming our authority from God.

Join us this Wednesday, February 3rd for our Testimony Meeting at 7:30pm.  The readings from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook will be all about “Fortune.”  We’ll also hear from individuals about how they are putting the practical truths of Christian Science to work in their lives.

Can’t come in person? Join us on the phone:

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