• Welcome to Church! Welcome to Church! 0

    Diverse. Individual. Committed. Striving to live what Jesus taught every single day. Won’t you join us? Sunday Services and Sunday School start at 11AM, and every Wednesday we have a testimony meeting at 7:30PM. We’re located in NYC at 583 Park Avenue.

    You can also come to Church on the phone! Just call in to our dial-in-number (310) 372-7549 and use access code 607611 anytime during our Sunday morning or Wednesday evening service.

    We also have a monthly Bible Study discussion group where we discover helpful insights that are relevant to each of our lives.

    We now also offer services in Spanish at 1pm on Sundays. You may come in person or watch via livestream with Zoom. For PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Go to https://zoom.us/j/4548783756
    To access the Spanish service by phone: dial (917)962-0650 Then the access code: 155626.

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  • What’s Christian Science? What’s Christian Science? 0

    Please join us as we grow, learn, and demonstrate together what Christian Science is and how we can live it in rich, fulfilling lives. Feel free to drop us a question on our Contact page or find out how you can Get Involved!

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    Get daily inspiration from the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson!

    Thought of the Days

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